Raiutenshi Violetto (raitenshi@hotmail.com)
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 01:46:53 GMT

Sometime ago, in the "Best Gundam Girl" thread, when I stated that
Relena was the "Most Gorgeous G-girl", someone said something like;
"If Relena's gorgeous, then Hilde Schbeiker (did I spell it right?)
is the queen of the world."

Well, Hilde's not that bad. I kinda see her as a younger version of
Noin... but the point is, Relena's not that bad as well. Yeah it's
true that she isn't exactly one of the best girls in all the Gundam
series, and neither is she that popular with the fans as far as I
know. But anyway, let me just tell everyone an account of my first
encounter with the character.

When I first saw the ending sequence of the GW series (you know, the
one with "It's Just Love" playing?) and saw Relena in such a fine
artwork, "What a babe..." I gasped. She's really something I must say.
(I could just imagine Heero making out with her on that rhino's back)

Well, I just feel like saying that. Pardon me for wasting time and
bandwidth (whatever that is). Thank you.

Violetto the Storm Angel

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