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> In the opening scene of the second half of 0083, you
> can see the Stamen operating outside of the Orchis,
> yet it reaches out to grab weapons out of the
> I'm wondering... can the Orchis possibly operate
> unmanned in support of the Stamen? Or is this just
> eye candy for the opener?

This is definitely an "eye candy" to fool viewers
because it defies logic. The actual procedure should
be: (1) the D-MA opens the bazooka bay --> (2) Stamen
(still in D-MA) extends its "grabber arm" & grab the
bazooka out the bay --> (3) Stamen's arm safely holds
the bazooka, then --> (4) comes out of the Orchis to
operate as mobile suit. By then the Orchis is now an
unmanned weapon bay vulnerable to outside attacks.
We've seen (1) to (3) happened when Uraki's D-MA duels
with Gato's Neue Ziel during their 1st encounter.

Yet in the OVA's opening, the sequence is (4) Stamen's
already out of Orchis --> (1) Stamen's grabber arm
grabs the bazooka from the (unmanned) Orchis, then
fire the bazooka, making cool pose, etc. (you know the
deal) Uraki may not be the best Gundam pilot in UC
history, but he can't be that careless to commit such

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