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> I used to be more captivated by the Gundam mecha. My first Gundam was the
> RXF-91 if that's any clue. But after a while I found myself drawn towards
> the OYW Zeon mecha. This was primarily a result of the 0080 Rick Dom II.
> Now I find myself being a Zeon junkie. I still like the gundams, but If I
> could pick what kits would get the MG/PG Treatment, I'd be leaning towards a
> Zugock E, Hygog, Gouf, Aggai, Sazabi, etc. There is just this raw power to
> some of these monstrous mecha that seem to get lost on some of the other
> designs in the GUndam Universe.
> Jason

    Hmmm, I think the reason why they look so powerful is precisely because they
don't look human...because of their nonhuman details, they end up looking like
beasts and monsters -- a classic case of archetyping. aye well, more psychology
gobbledygook. it might be worth a note, though, the popular zeon stuff, while
being beastly, also tend to be more the the zaku/gelgoog/dom...

> I'd really love a PG Rick Dom II
> But I'll take the 1/60 Dom anyway would I actually.

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