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>> Come one come all! Please check out my 0080 mechas
>> page inside Cash's NewType Asylum site (with loads
>> of TV frame captures):

>> Your comments and questions are always welcome!

> Nice site BTW. But kinda short on Fed MSes.. =)

Like I promised on the 0080 index page, the Fed
section will be completed w/ 0080 GM series + GC MPT
very soon. Be sure to check back often.

Now a shameless plug: all the 0080's Zeon mechas on my
page have been updated (24/6/99) with many new photos.
Be sure to check them out (just click on the link
above). Your questions & comments are always welcome!

thank you for your attention.

>> (Ed Ju wrote) Maybe just clip the bottom portion
>> off...?

> Not really possible, since taking them off will cut
> major portion off the bottom of the shot. Still, it
> might be possible to doctor the pics with a paint
> program.

When you magnify a frame, you will realize the colors
needed to doctor a small areas will be of different
hues, contrasts, etc. So taking off the subtitles and
doctoring the frame is possible, but VERY time

> How were the shots pulled off anyway?

many vcd viewer like Xing mpeg player has the frame
capture button on the panel to save particular frames
u want. Then i'll do some doctoring (if necessary) w/
a paint program, mostly clean off the blurry frame
edges, and then the bit-map frame will be converted
into jpg or gif using sofewares available from many
download sites. That's the easy parts. The hard parts
is to choose the right frames for posting. That took
me a loooong time to do, but the end result is quite
satisfying, at least, for example, the mystery of
Kampfer using beam sabre is solved once & for all :)

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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