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     Well, that's true, I didn't like the zakus and all that at first myself,
 being mesmerized as I was by the Zeta, but after I bought my first Zaku (a
 Zaku MSV) I fell in love with the beasts...there's something brutal to a
 maybe because of the mono-eye.
     For me though, the Gelgoog is still WAY cool.
I used to be more captivated by the Gundam mecha. My first Gundam was the
RXF-91 if that's any clue. But after a while I found myself drawn towards
the OYW Zeon mecha. This was primarily a result of the 0080 Rick Dom II.
Now I find myself being a Zeon junkie. I still like the gundams, but If I
could pick what kits would get the MG/PG Treatment, I'd be leaning towards a
Zugock E, Hygog, Gouf, Aggai, Sazabi, etc. There is just this raw power to
some of these monstrous mecha that seem to get lost on some of the other
designs in the GUndam Universe.


I'd really love a PG Rick Dom II
But I'll take the 1/60 Dom anyway

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