Raiutenshi Violetto (raitenshi@hotmail.com)
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 14:48:59 GMT

I've just bought a SRWF manga a few days ago... well, most of it are
I guess, meant for laughs, but there's one really serious story
somewhere in the middle. For some reason, Shinji Ikari doesn't
wanna fight or something like that, and when the enemies attack,
Masaki and Jess rescue him in the Psybuster and Geshpenst respectively.
Anyway, there was this part wherein Masaki was
telling Shinji, or maybe he's just recalling it, where a winged
lady sorta like gave him the Psybuster. It's in Chinese, so I
really have no way of understanding what's going on except for
the pictures. Can someone explain to me this part of the Psybuster's

PS: Heh heh... loved that part wherein Domon kicked (literally) the
    lights out of Amuro and when Domon piloted the Dancougar with
    Penpen, Shiro, and Kuro, and tried using the Shining Finger with it

Violetto the Storm Angel

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