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>Hey all...I'm Dave, (age 17)...i'm new to this list too...
>Am i the only guy from England on this mailing list? I wouldn't be
>surprised...hardly anyone here has even heard of anime, let alone the Gundam

        Hello, there! No, you're not alone - I'm from Devon, and theres
at least two other Brits that I'm aware of on this list, I think.
Someone else to moan about how lucky our cousins on the other side of
the Atlantic are when it comes to new anime releases...! ^_^
        I'm 25, going on 10. ^_^

>I first heard of anime in 1992 when i was amazed by Akira (released in this
>country by Manga Video). I then grew up and got sick of the lame dubbed stuff
>they realeased here, so kinda forgot about anime for a bit.

        Well, I was introduced to anime by a school friend of mine, who
showed me the Robotech RPG. However, I had actually seen anime before
that, though I didn't know it at the time, in the form of Battle of the
Planets. Akira was the first modern anime I saw, followed by Project A-
Ko. After I stopped laughing, I was hooked.
        My first anime convention was Shin nen kai 98, which opened my
eyes to a much greater world of anime. I got a NSTC video player right
after that, and my brother, somewhat to my surprise, pointed out
recently that I have over a hundred anime tapes now...! Am looking at
getting a DVD/LD player shortly...
        I am and always will be an un-reformable mecha fan, but I'll try
just about anything once...

> My following
>obsession, console emulation, caused me to stumble across the fantastic SNES
>game Gundam Wing Endless Duel. I was stunned...and here started my quest to
>find more Gundam.

        I owe my introduction to mainly two people; this MLs very own Z,
whose Anime UK articles on Gundam introduced me to the universe, and to
Ollie, who also loiters around here sometimes (^_^), who lent me some
Gundam tapes, for which I'm eternally grateful, especially the chance to
have seen Chars Counterattack.

>If anyone can help me get hold of any Gundam merchandise, (i'm really
>interested in modelling after the way my EW ones came out) i'd be very
>grateful :)
>Well done on a great mailing list....seeya :)
        Have you tried Hobbylink Japan (http://www.hlj.com/), an on-line
model retailer?

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