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> Hmm. This may seem incredibly dense, but isn't that redundant for most
> regular 1/100 and 1/144 kits when there seems to be a kit for every
> mobile suit ever conceived? =) I can understand doing it for MG kits,
> but...
> I guess I feel confined by the 'rules' of what's already been shown in
> each series. I mean, I've already mentioned I like beefy MS's so I could
> put the Leopard's legs on my X Divider and paint it to match, but it just
> *feels* wrong to mess with the design the creators have laid out. Are
> variations a bad thing? It just seems so cheap to slap new components on
> an old kit and say 'Voila! This is a conversion.' (Actually, I really
> don't like the Divider's legs. They just have such a limited motion range
> compared to the Lep's.)
> Like the Heavyarms conversion I mentioned before, did the modeler just
> make that up out of the blue or was it an existing design from somewhere?
> I don't know. I just feel like I'm detracting from the essential
> Gundamness of the kits if I make something new. It doesn't feel Official,
> if you take my meaning. Does that sound weird? *sighs and heads off to
> bed*

Dude, it's your kit, and you can disregard it as much as you want...or follow
tradition...I personally like making something new because in a sense, it is
a creative way of getting some steam off for me....

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