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> > If you're into heavy Metal systems, I suggest this: collect the
> > ADS
> > F90...that way you can mix and match the two heavy artillery systems
> > that it
> > has (assault and destroid) with the long range system of the F90IIL.
> *tries to envision this* I've never seen the ADS, but the words 'two
> heavy artillery systems' sure perk me up enough to order one blind... =)

    Hmmmm, okay, the destroid system has two heavy Gatling/vulcan systems to
be placed over the arms, and two over-the-shoulder cannons as well, and two
large missiles attached to the legs. It also has a sensor pack attached to
the belt area, as well as two support stands at the back to help with the
    The Assault system has some kind of chaff launcher on the shoulders,
rocket racks on the arms, two cracker type grenades attached to the belt
area, an extra e-pac on the right hip, and a waist-mounted gatling cannon
that peeks out from the left hip area, and it has jump jets (or maneuvering
jets) at the sides of the leg.
    Conversions? uhm, some other people know the finer points of what that

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