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Wed, 23 Jun 1999 01:12:59 -0500 wrote:

> > > >> must have MG Marasai must have MG Marasai must have MG Marasai...
> > > >
> > > > Why settle for the marasai? I want an MG Ex-S full transformable.
> Why stop there.....Get a PG Ex-S. PG ZZ.....
> Still waiting for that MG Kampfer and NT1
> -

Yeahhhhhh...... BOOOYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
I got tire or kickin' zerg and terran butt (MASSIVE ARBITER DROPS of Reavers,
Dragoons and Zealots into the middle of the base Do it EVERY TIME!) on
battlenet, so I watched 0080 again for the 20th time!

I just cry (boo hooo) every time when my MOST fav' MS the KAMPFER gets swiss
cheessed by the NT1. Oh please don't hurt him...

MASTERGRADE KAMPFER PLEASE!!!!! (bandai if your reading this I'd buy at least 3
of them!)


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