Mark Kuettner (
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 19:42:52 PDT

>Hey, I just wrote an earlier mail and I was thinking, WHEN IS MG ZZ GUNDAM
>EVER GOING TO COME OUT???!!! Does anyone has an idea? I mean, they have
>come up with RX-78, RX-178, Zeta Gundam, GP01, GP01fb, GP02, RGM, all those
>repeating Gelgoog and Zakus, but where's ZZ?

Don't take this as a total done-deal, but apparently Scott T. Hards
of HLJ fame reported Bandai announced that both the Master Grade
ZZ Gundam and MG 100-Shiki are in the works at a recent hobby show
(Shizoka? sp).

Mark Kai

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