Tue, 22 Jun 1999 18:53:47 EDT

Hey all...I'm Dave, (age 17)...i'm new to this list too...
Am i the only guy from England on this mailing list? I wouldn't be
surprised...hardly anyone here has even heard of anime, let alone the Gundam
I first heard of anime in 1992 when i was amazed by Akira (released in this
country by Manga Video). I then grew up and got sick of the lame dubbed stuff
they realeased here, so kinda forgot about anime for a bit. My following
obsession, console emulation, caused me to stumble across the fantastic SNES
game Gundam Wing Endless Duel. I was stunned...and here started my quest to
find more Gundam.
Like i said, noone knows what Gundam is in this country, so i have to get
videos and merchandise over the net :( I'm pretty pleased with the way my
collection is growing...so far i've collected...

Gundam Wing episodes 1-49 + EW OVA (i was the guy who gave Sekihou Gumi the
last 13 episodes of the series ;)
8th MS Team 1-8
Char's Counterattack
Movies 1, 2
Gundam 0080 1-6
Gundam 0883 Stardust Memory 1-13
Gundam X 1-20
Gundam Z 1-4
Heavyarms Custom, Wing Zero Custom and Tallgeese 3 1/100 models...

If anyone can help me get hold of any Gundam merchandise, (i'm really
interested in modelling after the way my EW ones came out) i'd be very
grateful :)
Well done on a great mailing list....seeya :)


PS: as for the Wing's beam sabers question...the tube that its shield has to
store the saber can hold 2 sabers...the other one slides up the tube when the
other one is taken out, ready for use if the other one is lost.

umm...i just made that up.

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