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> Awright. Explain this to me. I see the word 'conversion' being tossed
> around a lot. What's involved in one? Is it just adding parts from
> another kit? I've got the Nov 98 Hobby Japan and (not being able to read
> Japanese) I'm trying to figure out how they did the Heavyarms conversion,
> without much success. =)
> ---
> skeizer (the gnome)

Conversions in modeling refer to creating a new or different model out of
another model. A good example is when someone takes a Master Grade RGM-79 and
turns it into a Master Grade RX-77-2.

Scratch Building, on the other hand, is a bit more involved. When you go
about building your own model out of what ever you have on hand, you have
"Scratch Built" a model. A good example of this want be building a Master
Grade Elmeth out of Tupperware, balsa wood, and sheet plastic.

I do a lot of conversion a 25 mm white metal miniatures. I like to change out
weapons, add or remove details, swap heads and other body parts, or even
resculpt the entire miniature just to get it to look the way I want.
Sometimes, I'll scratch build a new weapon, or even an entirely new
miniature, if what I want isn't available.

All in all, it's just a matter of getting what you're working on to look to
way you want it to, through craft and imagination.


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