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> By the way, is there anyone here who's also a Gundam model collector?

I definitely am. I got in to Gundam just like you did, with the models. I
think I was 14 or 15, so its been about 12 years now that I've been
"collecting" Gundam models. I collect most of my models for the purpose of
using them for table top gaming, but I've found that I really enjoy relaxing
in the evenings by putting together a model I just got.

Then there's the LDs. When I was in New York working for Sony, I had a chance
to pick up some Gundam Laser Disks. So I bought a nice LD player from the
Sony Family Store and then bought every disk I could afford. I have fairly
decent sized collect of LDs, now.

And finally, the tapes. The desire to understand what I was watching finally
overrode my slow progress with learning the Japanese Language, so I started
the buy the subs and dubs (my mother really like Stardust
Memories, but doesn't care much for subtitles).

Gundam is an addiction.


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