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> If you're into heavy Metal systems, I suggest this: collect the
> F90...that way you can mix and match the two heavy artillery systems
> that it
> has (assault and destroid) with the long range system of the F90IIL.

*tries to envision this* I've never seen the ADS, but the words 'two
heavy artillery systems' sure perk me up enough to order one blind... =)

> I also suggest putting together the Assault and Buster V2 to
> create the
> AssaultBuster variant.

Is there a site that shows more than just a few kit pix, like HLJ does?
Or at least has art of different Gundams? I'm not sure to what extent's library goes to, and they're down anyway, so...

> Another idea is to do extreme modifications on a Ex-S gundam to
> make it
> overkill, or buy a heavyArms Custom or the Serpent Custom, Which has
> a BFG
> the size of a Derringer-type pistol.

Awright. Explain this to me. I see the word 'conversion' being tossed
around a lot. What's involved in one? Is it just adding parts from
another kit? I've got the Nov 98 Hobby Japan and (not being able to read
Japanese) I'm trying to figure out how they did the Heavyarms conversion,
without much success. =)

skeizer (the gnome)

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