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> > I don't know, but I think ZZ is one beautiful robot. At least it got
> > me addicted to Gundam.
> Course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. {g} For instance, looking
> through the HLJ listings (I'm relatively new to Gundam meself) I can't
> stand the look of most of the 'bad guy' robots. I like more of the
> trooper-style MS, like most of the Gundams are: I've got a Double X, Full
> Armour Double Zeta and a GP02a on order, all big beefy MS's that tote big
> guns. (Okay, the Double X isn't beefy, but it's got a pair of big guns.
> {g}) I've also got a Leopard and an F90II-L, and banking on getting a
> Heavy Arms Custom Special soon, so you can see exactly where my tastes
> lead. =)

    If you're into heavy Metal systems, I suggest this: collect the ADS
F90...that way you can mix and match the two heavy artillery systems that it
has (assault and destroid) with the long range system of the F90IIL.
    I also suggest putting together the Assault and Buster V2 to create the
AssaultBuster variant.
    Another idea is to do extreme modifications on a Ex-S gundam to make it
overkill, or buy a heavyArms Custom or the Serpent Custom, Which has a BFG
the size of a Derringer-type pistol.

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