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> Hey, I just wrote an earlier mail and I was thinking, WHEN IS MG ZZ
> GUNDAM EVER GOING TO COME OUT???!!! Does anyone has an idea? I mean,
> they have come up with RX-78, RX-178, Zeta Gundam, GP01, GP01fb, GP02,
> RGM, all those repeating Gelgoog and Zakus, but where's ZZ?I don't
> know, but I think ZZ is one beautiful robot. At least it got me
> addicted to Gundam.

    Well, it seems that it's only logical for them to have a ZZ, but it
better be good, because the 1/100 version from the old stuff, though it
needed gluing, was quite impressive on its own already, it had
individual fingers, as well as a full transformation sequence. it also
had folding antennae, and a host of other juicy things as well...

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