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> Just to answer the question, I got addicted to Gundam through their models.
> I can still remember my first kit 7 years ago, a 1/144 ZZ Gundam (I'm
> redoing it at the moment, it looks terrible as I fixed it without any
> painting or what-so-ever). It was a beautiful model, and ever since then, I
> spent whatever money I had left on these models. But I first got to know
> Gundam when I was just a little boy(3 or 4 years old), 16 years ago? I
> bought one of those candy box with a Gundam changing card(those that you see
> a picture at one angle and another picture at another angle. Wonder where I
> placed it, it must be very rare and valuable now).
> How did you get to know Gundam?

    Well, as far as I know, the first time anything gundam was given to me was
an HCM rx178...after which I bought with my own money the Zeta HCM...the first
real kit I had of a gundam was an S-Gundam from Academy, which is the reason why
I hate academy to this VERY DAY. Academy sucks, period, good only for bashing.
After that, I got my hands on a desert Zaku, and the rest is history, 185 model
kits later. I also had an MS in Pocket Zaku, but one of my cousins made off
with it. He is now banned from my room AND my house as well. All the people in
the house have collections, so he has no sympathy from anyone here. My new
favorite kit of the moment is the Turn A, because of the superior line detailing
and the non-gundam proportions. My all time favorite kit still is my
Nu...although the one I did my best work on is currently the a tie between my
Wing Custom Zero and my Deathscythe Hell (not custom).

> By the way, is there anyone here who's also a Gundam model collector?

    Tonloads of us...LOL!

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