Tue, 22 Jun 1999 14:20:37 EDT

> *What kind of means did everyone know GUNDAM with?

        Well, there was this once in high school when two of my friends were
talking about how cool something(GP03) was and the main character was a real
wimp(turns out it was Kou).....so I asked them what their were talking about
and turns out it was 0083, so I had to borrow it from my friend and watched
the whole thing in one day. Afterward I was talking to another friend about
Gundam and turns out he has some videos he hasn't watched in a long time, so
that's how I watched 0080, F91 and Char's Counter Attack, and in that process
that friend of mine rekindled his interest in Gundam as well.....Then the
obsession started....Wing, The original, G, X, Zeta, 08th MS Team.

        Of course I got to thank the Gundam Project for a lot of help, I
learned so much from the site.

        And then it was on to the models when I discovered HLJ....so it
begins....from modeling F-15Es and Su-27s and MiGs to RX-78s, MSZ006s, F91,
and MS06s, MSM07Es....

        I am totally out of $$$ right now....but I got the satisfaction..

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