Iczerion (aeug@opal.famille.ne.jp)
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 00:25:44 +0900

How do you do, my name is said as "Iczerion".
Does everyone know? The animate cartoon work of the name of "Iczer-1".
This nickname was quoted from the name of the hero of that work.

・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹 So that it may be based, though it is not to matter
I am a Japanese man. (That hero's sex is a woman.)
I am 21 years old. It is working part-time in the record shop.

By the way, as for me, everyone has a question.

*What kind of means did everyone know GUNDAM with?

It is waiting for the answer. Then, again.


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