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> I've never been able to figure out what those numbers mean, but they're all
> over various BGM from King Records. Does anyone know what these are?

I have seen these before on Macross BGMs, and only on BGMs. Damned if I know
what they mean.

> >Overall, I liked it. If you liked the CCA OST, get this (although no
> >quite as good as that).
> You forgot to mention that you get your money's worth, running-time wise.
> Disc 1 is 72:25 and Disc 2 is 71:48 -- that's 144:13 or 2 hours 24 minutes
> 13 seconds or music for 4,200.

hehehe, actually, Y2913 +5% handling charge now, I'm off to order more stuff,
like, R4 Single, Soul Blade Single, Gaia Gear OST (which apparently rocks...)
and CityHunter99 OST :)

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