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For technology from 20 years ago, it is not bad. Proportion is not too bad,
couldn't be worst than the Zaku's. Don't expect too much on the joints and
movement departments. If you take this and compare it to the 1/60 G Gundam
kits, then this will really suck. But once again, for the tech of the late
70s, this was not bad. Great kit to cut up and go "Hobby Japanning" on. By
that I mean the way they use to go nuts in the mid to late 80s, where every
issue has some great coverage and pictorials of how to's. That's why I will
never get rid of the old ones.
Gus Jae
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> << I really wish I have the time to do some of that, been working on this
> Dom for a while to change and sup it up. God knows when I will have the
> time to complete it... :( >>
> How is the 1/60 Dom? I ordered one, but who knows if I'll ever get it. IS
> pretty good proportion/movability wise?
> Jason
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