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> Subject: RE: [gundam] G-Savior Synopsis/Review [SPOILERS!]
> I heard that a Japanese TV broadcast was to be announced. I'm not sure what
> North American plans are. However, it is in english so lets hope they can
> get a cable deal going. The G-Savior itself looks like the F-91 (as does
> the story) but it has two propulsion sticks that break out into 4 beams at
> the tip...kind of like the GP-03 Stamen. There's no Car Grill thank god,
> but the shoulders, head and body look very F-91...

Based on the screen shots of the computer generated MS I think the sequel
should be called CG-Savior. Man, for not too much money they could have
gotten something photoreal instead that FMV flat shaded stuff. I hope the
story is good, at least.


"He'd see Flei, in full Mbwun form, rooting through trash cans in search
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 street is a terrible idea."
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