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> The Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC to replace the
> lunar calendar. The Julian calendar provided for a year of 365 days with a
> leap year every 4 years, or an average year length of 365.25 days. Because
> the solar year is slightly shorter, the Julian calendar gradually moved out
> of phase with the seasons, forcing the reform instituted with the Gregorian
> calendar. The Julian calendar begins at 4713 BC and is still in use:
> astronomical dates are given as the number of Sidereal days (measured from
> zenith [noon] to zenith and running 23 hours, 56 minutes, 45 seconds each)
> elapsed since noon, 4713 BC.
> Today, 22 June 1999 UTC (GMT), is Julian Day 2,451,351.
> -Z

Great work with this, but don't you mean 713 BC instead of 4713 BC? Because
Rome was founded in 713 BC, not 4,000 years earlier. By the way, since Julius
Caesar only predates Christ by a few decades (or is it more? Was in the
census of Augustus or Nero that Christ was born during?), then the Julian
calendar would have started around 690 BC. Which should put the Julian Day at
around 990,558, or there about.

Food for though, anyway.


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