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As Mark Simmons notes below, I had some minor errors in fact regarding who
did what on the Gundam Project. Unlike Mark, I didn't have an archived
copy of the earlier versions to which I could refer, just my own
recollection, which seems to have overlapped (and thus confused) some
iterations of the site with others.

Here, then, is the Rest of the Story:

>Hi Dafydd,
>> Keith started the Gundam Project back when and created the structure and
>> topic organization that carries forward to this day. The Gundam World
>> backgrounder, the Technology section, the erstwhile Gundam Gallery (taken
>> down due to the ever-present copyright problem), the synopses -- all were
>> originally developed by Keith, with a little help from his friends. Mark
>> came on board with the Gundam FAQ and took over as mainainer when Keith
>> became too busy with other things.
> Not to diminish in any way Keith's contribution to the site, but a
>couple of factual correx may be in order. Keith's site had a very
>different organization - principally Prelude, Story, Characters,
>Mechanics, Technology, Gallery, and FAQ as per the screenshots in
>Inter.Otaku.Net (shameful that I have to consult a printed source to
>remind me!). The Technology section was essentially a straight
>translation of the Gundam Sentinel Imidam glossary - there was no
>material on space colonization, Minovski physics, history, or political
>organizations. The synopses, meanwhile, were written by yours truly (with
>the exception of the 0080 and 0083 ones).
> After I took over maintenance of the site, I redesigned it into its
>current form, organizing story/character/mecha material by series,
>creating a section for background material in general rather than weapons
>definitions, adding merchandise and links sections, et cetera.
> Certainly, Keith deserves immense credit for his work on the site; he
>designed it beautifully, populated it with material, came up with a
>starting organization that served very well for many years, and generally
>established it as being a great place to find Gundam info online. I still
>consider it Keith's creation, crediting him accordingly on the home page.
>And I still pester him for design advice whenever the redesign bug bites
>me. :-)
>-- Mark, lurking via the Web archive


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