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> Excellent job these two models, as per your usual excellence in modeling. I

Thanks. That's a bit too much really, I just fool around a little. There
are many more serious modellers on the net.

> actually really like the flat. How big is it, overall? Its a bit on the large

I meant to measure their heights and report them, since Flat is a little
tall and Guncannon is a little short. But I got too sleepy and forgot.

> this the MS that's supposed to be 40 meters tall, or is that the Waldom?

Flat is only a little over 20 m.

> gaming, I think the Flat would make an awesome "Alien" invader styled Mecha.

Exactly! If you remember the Shizubuko (sp?) pictures from a while back,
you can see the huge scratch-built 1/144 Waldom, now that's a Big Mama
Alien Invader.

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