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Mon, 21 Jun 1999 07:24:45 -0700

>The acting was pretty wasn't too campy or forced. The script was
>pretty grounded so it worked out good. The story was very
>political/character orientated and the Mobile Suits seemed to be just a
>minor distraction in the movie which is different for most Gundam-fare. The
>CG was pretty good, better than high end computer game animation but not on
>par with the latest stuff we see out there today (B5, Armageddon, Star
>Wars). The whole movie appeared to me like a pilot for a TV series but my
>host told me that SG-1/Stargate had purchased all the sets back from
>Sunrise, so there were no plans to reuse the sets for future episodes. In
>fact, he said that you'll soon see the sets in action on SG-1 in some form
>or another.

That's all fine and well, but are we gonna see any models?

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