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Heh heh... finally, someone mentioned the similarity between Char/
Quatro and Milliardo/Zechs. By the way, how about the R-3? She looks
kinda like the VR Fei-Yen instead of the VR Fei-Yen mk.I? After all,
someone did mention that the R-3 was also designed by Katoki.

Violetto the Storm Angel

>Now here's a suggestion for a Gundam Magical Cartoon Series:
>The Sequel to G Gundam... Not really, but its star come from G Gundam!
>Megami Gundam, henceforth M Gundam
>The cast would go on the something on the lines of (All designed by
>Hajime Katoki):
>Nobel Gundam -- The First and the Leader.
>Angelean from Virtual On Oratio Tangram -- Belldandy Gundamified, ready to
>kick some butt in the name for Justice, Truth, and the Megami Way!
>(F8or the record, Angelean looks much like Belldandy from O!MG! In her
>goddess outfit)
>Fei-Yen (Mk. I and II) also from VO -- Gundamified, these "twins" go into
>Hypermode whenever they get smacked, and smack back harder, faster, all for
>(For the record, Mk. I looks a bit like Nobel, but has Sailor Moon like
>Hair. Mk. II has hearts all over the place, including her pig/pony tails.
>Their skirts--they have skirts--doubles as heat-sinks. Form and Function
>one package...)
>Haro -- The Eternal Mascot of Gundam, Haro here takes on a new role, the
>advisor to the Four pilots of Gundam. Of course, in real life, Haro is
>controlled by some higher force:
>Gasp! Why has she entered this race to save the earth?
>And their eternal enemies?2
>Epyonette Gundam -- Slightly more feminine version of Epyon
>Psycho Gundam -- Now this is no coincidence...
>Alpha-Azieru -- Quess?!? The long lost sister of Ellenby?!?
>And Elemeth!?! Who could be behind all this horror, no could it be?
>- LARA SUN! -
>And Featuring
>Tuxedo Char and Tuxedo Zechs, two twins separated at birth, both MS
>one stands for good, one for evil, and they both love the MS Gundam Girls!
>A Gigantic Showdown between the two famous feminine NewTypes will leave
>pockmarks on Earth, in the forms of the Colony and Asteroid Drop, and the
>Four Female Gundams (Nobel, Angelean, Fei-Yens) must defend earth from
>certain doom!
>Y. Choe
>More lesson of life from Gundam:
>- IF a boy says "I will kill you!" he means more on the level of "I will
>fall in love with you and won't be able to kill you, so I'll keep a vigil
>over you, like a certain comic character..."
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