Raiutenshi Violetto (raitenshi@hotmail.com)
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 14:14:33 GMT

> >>><< You gals must have missed the Sailor Moon Gundam from G Gundam,
> >>> Eddie >>
> >>>ORORORORORO? what....?
> >>>Mollie> :::swirly eyes:::: oro?
> >>You never saw the NeoSweden Gundam from G Gundam?
> >
> > Bwahahahahah! Yeah, that Gundam! the durn thing is nasty, though. But
> >have ta admit, never seen a gundam with hair and heels before that...
> >
> >
>*blinks* Anyone got a picture of that?

Here's a pic I found somewhere on the net (I can't remember where
exactly... it was from one of those "Fembot" threads) isn't she pretty? I
just love this pic of Nobel!!

<img src="nobel1.jpg">

PS: Nice to see you here :)

Violetto the Storm Angel

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