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Well, I just got back from the theatrical crew screening of Sunrise's
Live-Action-English-CG-Gundam-One-Shot Movie: G-Savior. The movie was
exactly 1hr 30 minutes long. The movie was shot by a company called PoleStar
and Digital Effects handled by Digital Muse. My host was also kind enough
to give me a G-Savior Crew Jacket & Cap, and I'm trying to acquire a few
extras to give away as prizes for the next Mecha-Makeover Contest! A couple
of funny things about the show: NO MENTION OF GUNDAM WHATSOEVER. Maybe
Sunrise thinks "Gundam" is too weird a word...or perhaps this is just a
prelude to a major North American Gundam Invasion.

The acting was pretty wasn't too campy or forced. The script was
pretty grounded so it worked out good. The story was very
political/character orientated and the Mobile Suits seemed to be just a
minor distraction in the movie which is different for most Gundam-fare. The
CG was pretty good, better than high end computer game animation but not on
par with the latest stuff we see out there today (B5, Armageddon, Star
Wars). The whole movie appeared to me like a pilot for a TV series but my
host told me that SG-1/Stargate had purchased all the sets back from
Sunrise, so there were no plans to reuse the sets for future episodes. In
fact, he said that you'll soon see the sets in action on SG-1 in some form
or another.
This review is generated by memory, so there are probably lots of small
errors, but you'll get the general idea/story.

The story opens up with a very quick intro on the current state of the
Universe. It talks about the majority of the Earth population moving into
space and the conversion of the Julian Calendar at 2045AD to the Universal
Century. Now the year is UC 223 and the space colonists have grouped
themselves into "Sides". One of the latest Sides created was Side 8, known
as "Gaea".

The scene opens up at an underwater research facility where our hero, Mark
Caron (Brennan Elliot), is performing routine underwater maintenance in an
underwater mobile suit. Suddenly, the team on the rig picks up a
disturbance in the form of two inbound targets on their radar. The rig-crew
aren't sure what it is and hesitate in notifying Mark of the situation.
Before they can react, Mark is hit by a huge underwater shockwave that
temporarily knocks out communication with the Rig. A few seconds later
after frantically trying to call him up on radio, Mark responds, saying he's

The Rig picks up a distress call from a downed Congressional Mobile Suit
pilot that has just crashed into the water. The mobile suit is disabled,
life support failing, and is in danger of exploding. Mark decides, against
better judgement, to come to the rescue. He instructs the pilot to jettison
his fuel cell. He positions his aqua suit over top the pilot's eject
mechanism and instructs the pilot to eject. The pilot hesitates thinking
he'll be lost at sea, but Mark insists. The pilot pulls the eject lever and
his core module ejects that precise moment, Mark times his
grab-manoeuvre perfectly and catches the pilot in his service claw and
returns back to the Rig.

After tending to the pilot, the HydroJet facility is suddenly boarded by
Congressional Forces, led by Jack Hare (David LoveGren). Mark and Jack
quickly reveal their distaste for each other. Jack informs Mark that their
Rig has been penetrated by Enemy Rebels. This fact is soon confirmed by
main generator going off line. Mark pretends not to know where the
intruders are on the Rig's scanners and then sets off to confront them
himself. Meanwhile, the scuba-gear clad intruders have broken into a lab
and start rifling through some vial-storage units looking for the right
vial. Mark locates the room that they've infiltrated but before he can open
up a finicky bulkhead door, Jack & the Congressional Guards take over and
start firing. The unarmed scuba divers make a quick exit past the gunfire
through a service tube. One is shot, and another stops to tend to her
fallen comrade and surrenders to the guards. Jack orders his men to finish
them off, but Mark, intervenes by throwing himself between the infiltrator
and the guards. The intruder appears to be a slender dark female. Mark
shows his disdain at Jack for using lethal force against unarmed intruders.

Mark is awakened by his girlfriend Mimi. She is forcing Mark to come to the
Presidential Ball as she has just obtained a high-ranking position with
Strategic Planning for the Congressional Forces. Mark is reluctant but
agrees to go for Mimi's sake and her career. Mark catches a news report
proclaiming him a hero for first saving a down Mobile Suit Pilot and then
capturing a "Gaean Rebel". HydroJet Labs' Rig has been placed under
high-security clearance Alpha-2. Mark is confused at the last part of the
report and states that Alpha-2 is too high for such an incident.. Mimi
gives "Reason Number 17" for having Mark move in with her...Mark just laughs
it off and they kiss.

Outside the Congressional HQ, two large mobile suits are seen guarding the
facility. Inside, the party is filled with Congressional Force Brass and
Politicians who are awaiting the Presidential Speech. Jack (dressed in Zion
attire) and Mark (tux) meet and quickly fight over the Military presence on
the HydroJet Rig. Jack attempts to degrade Mark by commenting on his
current job of Agricultural Research ever since quitting the Forces. Mark
counters by questioning the worth of the military to mankind. Mimi rescues
Mark and is greeted by General Garneaux who congratulates her and introduces
him to Mark. Mark and the General, familiar with each other, engage in a
conversation. The General tries to sway Mark back into Forces after his
heroic deeds. Mark tells the General that he is concerned about Jack's
hasty/dangerous actions during the operation. The General acknowledges his
concern and asks for Mark's assistance in interrogating the prisoner since
she refuses to talk. Mark reluctantly agrees.

Mark attempts to visit the Gaean Rebel, but the security Guard says his
clearance isn't high enough. After some guilt-rambling, he convinces the
private to upgrade his security clearance to visit the prisoner. Once
inside he fires questions at the handcuffed prisoner, but she does not say a
word. He mentions she is alive only because of his intervention. She then
asks "So you're not one of them"?. He reveals that he was once with the
Congressionals but no longer. She states her name as Dr. Cynthia Graves
[Enuka Okuma] and his head of Agricultural Research on Gaea. Surprised at
her title, Mark inquires further. She claims that she had been invited to
the Rig by the former Chief Bio-Technical Engineer, Dr. Riva. Mark says
that Dr. Riva resigned after his work was concluded to be worthless. She
claims that he was forcibly removed from his position and that his research
may have been valuable. Mark starts to leave in disbelief, and is stopped
when Cynthia states "They haven't replaced your Chief Bio-Technical Engineer
have they?". Mark starts to believe...Cynthia states that Dr.Riva had
developed a new type of bioluminescence (like that in fireflies) that not
only produced light, but heat as well. This technology would solve the
world's food shortages because 75% of the Earth is covered by water. Cynthia
convinces him to bring her to the samples that were confiscated so she can
prove that Riva's research was correct. Mark agrees once again, trusting
his instincts.

General Garneaux is pleased by the Presidential Address and proclaims the
president as a terrible Military person but a good political speaker. Jack
concurs. Garneaux confronts Jack about the Gaean rebel situation and asks
whether he truly has the situation under control. Jack confidently says the
situation is under control. He then proceeds away with 2 congressional
guards...He is enraged to find out that the prisoner was led out by Mark and
proceeds to find them...

Mark leads Cynthia to the evidence room/lab where she identifies and mixes
her sample with Dr. Riva's sample. A bright bioluminescent Light emanates
from the vial. Dr. Riva's research was correct. Cynthia entrusts the
mixed/active sample to Mark and keeps the two separate vials to herself as
they make their way back to General Garneaux. They are confronted by Jack
who opens fire on Mark & Cynthia after Mark reaches into his jacket to show
the miraculous discovery. Cynthia hurls down the two vials creating a
bioluminescent flare that allows them both to escape. After running into a
dead end, they take the standard-space-movie escape route down the garbage
chute, evading Jack. Jack proclaims that Mark has escaped with the rebel
and has murdered a Congressional Soldier (shot of the prison cell private
slumped over his desk). The manhunt begins...

Making it to the outside of the Congressional HQ, Mark manages to call Mimi
at home. He explains the situation and asks her to meet them with her
security pass so they can escape. She agrees but first informs him that
he's wanted for murder. Cynthia teams up with her comrades, Kobi & Dieter,
just outside the HQ. who also turn out to be the same group who broke into
the HydroJet Lab and Cynthia's interns. They celebrate Cynthia's escape and
are soon joined by Mimi who lends them her security pass so that Cynthia and
her team can make it to Side 4: New Manhattan. Mimi also discovers that
Garneaux knew about the research and are planning a secret attack against
Gaea. The party run through a military launching bay where Mark takes note
of several new experimental mobile suits called Rays/Wraiths. They are
unmanned auto-suits that weren't supposed to be completed yet. However,
these units look like they are ready for deployment. After locating a
shuttle, Mark insists on joining Cynthia in her cause.

General Garneaux is reviewing the tapes of Mark's escape with Jack. He
beckons Jack to get the sample back at any cost. Even if it means moving
against Gaea.

Mark and gang dock at what appears to be a colonial remake of New York City
w/ Central Park complete with Statue of Liberty. There, in a busy
spaceport, they meet a bartender and everyone orders a "Philippe" except for
Mimi who orders a Martini. At which point the bartender reaches for his
handgun under the bar...the others encourage Mimi to order a Phillipe. She
hesitates, and the bartenders relaxes...she then insists on her Martini.
The Bartender once again goes for his gun. Mark whispers something in
Mimi's ear and she quickly changes her order to the Philippe. Philippe San
Simone steps out of the woodwork and introduces himself to the party. Mark
acknowledges his acquaintance with Phillipe saying that he is surprised to
see him alive. Philippe reveals himself to be the leader of a secret
organization called "the Illuminati". They secretly fund rebels and other
anti-earth projects because they deem Earth Congress not working in greater
interests of humanity. Phillipe agrees to help them get to Side 8 by
supplying them with a transport and a new experimental mobile suit: The
G-Savior. Philippe tries to convince Mark to pilot the G-Savior. Mark turns
a pale shade of white and runs away. Phillipe comments to Cynthia, "I
thought time would have healed that wound long, long ago...".

Mark is dreaming of a combat situation and a pilot calling out for help.
Cynthia snaps him out of the dream to ask him why he won't fly the G-Savior
and why he quit the Earth Congress Forces. He said he had no choice because
he was facing a court-martial for disobeying orders. He explains that he
was in a squadron of suits under the command of Jack, when one of the suits
experienced a malfunction...Jack commanded the rest of the units to stay
their course and ignore their fallen comrade. Mark could only wait 30
seconds listening to his comrades screams for help...he broke formation and
went to assist...but he was too late. Mimi beckons Mark to go back to sleep
and get some rest.

Suddenly the transport is rocked by a collision. Dieter screams for help.
Mark and Cynthia rush to the cockpit where they find themselves flying
through a debris field. Dieter explains that this the only way to get to
Side 8 undetected. Mark is doubtful of their chances on making it through
and resolves to clear a path for the shuttle using the G-Savior. Mark
launches in the G-Savior and starts shooting at oncoming debris. The
G-Savior takes several hits which Mark deflects with his Beam Shield. Things
look hopeless as a huge bulkhead looms towards the shuttle. Mark shoots the
bulkhead and then slices the piece in half with his beam sabre allowing the
shuttle to clear the debris field.

Gaea control refuses to let the shuttle land until Cynthia reveals that she
is onboard and that she's coming in whether they like it or not. Mimi asks
Kobi to guide her to the nearest shower...Cynthia requests Mark's assistance
in explaining their situation to the leader of Side 8. Cynthia is chastised
severely for her dangerous mission and disobeying Side 8's leader, who
reveals himself to be Cynthia's father [Blu Mankuma]. Senator Graves
explains that Earth Congress has dispatched a warship to Side 8 and are
expecting him to turn over the Sample, Mark & Cynthia to stand trial. Mark
agrees with the Senator Graves but Cynthia refuses to cooperate. Cynthia and
Mark take a stroll in Cynthia's huge garden and end up kissing...Much to
Mimi's displeasure (spying on them). Mark realizes why he never felt like
moving in with Mimi.

The warship dispatched to Gaea has arrived at the colony...suddenly Gaea's
defense grid fires at and destroys the warship much to the surprise of
Senator Graves. Earth responds by launching a Armoured Mobile Suit Carrier
which will arrive in 4 hours. Cynthia asks Mark to organize the Colony's
few mobile suits into a combat unit, but Mark refuses, running away once

Back at their quarters, Mimi explains that she will forgives Mark and that
they'll soon be able to get back to their life. Mark realizes that Mimi had
sabotaged the guns to fire on the Earth Congress Warship. Mimi explains
that General Garneaux is expecting their co-operation and that Mark will be
cleared of the charges and Mimi's career will be boosted! Mark is shocked
by her revelation and locks her in their quarters and rushes off to deal
with the situation.

Mark, organizes the junior pilots (mainly consisting of research interns and
civilians), into 4 groups of ten designating each a callsign and team
leader. When the armored carrier arrives, it demands the surrender of Gaea
within 10 minutes. The Gaean's find out that they are being jammed and
cannot reply to the mobile suit carrier. It appears that Earth does not
want a peaceful resolution! Taking advantage of the 10 minute window, Mark
orders all the mobile suits (which look like Evil GM/Jegan crosses) to
launch and intercept the Carrier. The carrier launches all its Rays/Wraiths
(looks like Gelgoogs). The battle turns out to be a joke as the
inexperienced Gaean pilots are cut down like grass against the more powerful
Rays/Wraiths. General Garneaux asks Jack to launch in his suit to lead the
assault on Gaea. Jack launches into the battle arena in a special mobile
suit equipped with booster/armor. After taking out several Gaean suits with
ease, he ejects his booster armor skirt to reveal a nimble MS suit. Mark
desperately tries to rally the forces from the command bridge but ends up
launching in G-Savior to help out.

Meanwhile, the Gaean colony has been boarded by Earth Congress Troops led by
General Garneaux. They are greeted by Mimi (having escaped her quarters)
who leads them to bridge. There they take command of Gaea and beat up
Cynthia's dad, Senator Graves. General Garneaux & Mimi catch Cynthia & Kobi
who have the bag with the bioluminescent sample. Kobi attempts to grab the
sample and run but is quickly shot down by Congress troops. General
Garneaux reveals that he intends to destroy the sample. Cythia accuses the
General of trying to control the population through selective starvation.
The General concurs, much to the horror of Mimi who quickly hides her

Back in space, Mark is quickly taking out many of the Rays/Wraiths and
finally meets up with Jack. The two battle it out across space and end up
duelling with beam sabres on one of the Side's colony mirrors. Jack gets
the upper hand by playing dirty. Mark's beam sabre is caught in some debris
in the colony mirror as Jack moves in for the final strike. At the last
second, Mark breaks free and slices Jack's suit with a great blow. Jack
suit falls to the surface and Mark poises to finish him off. Jack urges him
to finish him off but Mark refuses saying he'd rather see him brought to
justice. At that moment, about 6 auto-Rays/Wraiths converge on Mark firing
on looks like the end for Mark... Jack's smile turns to disbelief
as he sees each Ray/Wraith taken out by beam rifle blasts from another
direction. Suddenly, space is filled with Illuminati Force suits who have
come to the rescue of Gaea. Phillipe salutes Mark as he flies by!

Back on Gaea, General Garneaux is informed that a force twice as large as
the Earth Congress Force has engaged their forces are they are being forced
to withdraw. General Garneux and Mimi rush off to escape on their ship.
Mimi slips the sample back into Cynthia's bag before leaving with the
General. The General decides to take a Gaean craft so as not to be attacked
by the enemy during their escape.

Mark, re-enters the main colony to engage enemy suits inside the colony. As
the G-Savior is transported into the colony, it is reconfigured into
Terran-Mode G-Savior to deal with gravity where Mark quickly dispatches the
remaining enemy suits.

General Garneaux and Mimi are marking their escape when Garneaux realizes
that Mimi has given back the sample. He orders for the shuttle to be turned
around so that they can retrieve the sample...but just as they do, they are
intercepted by their own Ray/Wraith MS who ironically mistake them for an
enemy ship and blow Garneaux & Mimi out of existence.

Back on the Colony...things have settled down. Kobi looks like she'll
survive. Dieter made it out of the MS battle too. Mark tells Cynthia that
he's going back to Earth to stand trial for the charges against him so he
can clear his name. She begs him to stay insisting that her father can
negotiate a pardon. Mark refuses and invites Cynthia to come to Earth to
continue her research. She agrees and they kiss.



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