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>> The whole MS classics series deserves something and I don't think a round
>> of applause is enough, a standing ovation, roses tossed at Mark's feet!
>> This is really a great project. (and yes, the Dom is stunning)
>I agree. Mark's put a lot of effort into the Gundam Project and it shows.
>It's helped me a lot, when I need info. about Gundam. Great job, Mark!

Credit is also due to the founder of the feast, Keith Rhee.

Keith started the Gunda Project back when and created the structure and
topic organization that carries forward to this day. The Gundam World
backgrounder, the Technology section, the erstwhile Gundam Gallery (taken
down due to the ever-present copyright problem), the synopses -- all were
originally developed by Keith, with a little help from his friends. Mark
came on board with the Gundam FAQ and took over as mainainer when Keith
became too busy with other things.

Best wishes, Keith. Some of us still remember -- and miss -- your many
quiet but considerable contributions.


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