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Hehe, sorry. I just shocked at the price and seen it's look like a big bible
and very expensive.


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>>Yo, anyone can give reviews of this very expensive book ?
>Hey, it just went on sale 10 June! Give it at least a month to get over
>I've had a copy on order for awhile and will review it here just as soon as
>I receive it. Meanwhile, all I can tell you about is the full-page ad,
>which says that it's 396 pages, B4 format, serial-numbered in a slipcase
>for 10,000. The ads show pre-production scketches for the White Base,
>Zaku, Guncannom, Gouf and Core Fighter overlaid by the front and profile
>view of the Gundam's head.
>The ISBN is 4-07-312113-8, from Mediaworks, who also publish the Dengeki
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