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> "Specialty" books always cost more and the narrower the specialty (that is,
> the smaller the audience) the higher the price. Medical books written for
> use by doctors, like the Physician's Desk Reference or Merck's Manual, are
> hideously expensive because the audience for them is so small.

I didn't even think of that. RPG books are Specialty books. I knew about the
other stuff you wrote, but not about the books.

> Care to guess what percentage of gamers, already a small market to begin
> with, actually *buy* rule books?

Not many, I guess. I looked through the HG rule book and its got all kinds of
neat robot info. details, etc. This is the reason I am going to buy it for. I
may just buy the HG tech books though (don't what they are actually called).
The Jovian Chronicles has all kinds of neat stuff in them, too.


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