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On Sat, 19 Jun 1999 14:22:10 +0800 Richie Ramos <>

> >Extremely poor upper arm joints. The arms keep falling off.
> Yes, but that happens to be a weakness of V 1/144s and the
> Gp02a MG, too.

Nooo! I was going to get one of those eventually. Argh. I can't win. =)

> If you want it to get fixed a bit, use some white glue to stiffen up
> the
> adhesion.

Explain please. Just good ole white glue, or do I have to thin it down a
bit? (Pretty new at 'serious' modelling, so...)

> >it. Upon looking back it wants the third hand to be used for the
> >longrifle, but that looks a bit odd. Hmm.
> Uhm...I have a lot of extra hands, so i got one from the
> other F90s I
> bought...specifically from the spare VSBR version I had, so I could
> have
> gripping hands.

Heh. You wouldn't happen to have a 1/100 HG right hand laying around, do
you? Co-workers apparently like to play (yes, play - they think they're
Transformers or somesuch) with my Gundams when I'm not there, and they
busted one of their hands before I caught on and made a threatning Do Not
Touch sign. *grumble* (How do you shatter a *hand*? Have it fall on the
ground and run it over with your chair?)

> accept most F90 modular systems, except for the backpack-mounted
> stuff.

I'll take a look, may be in my next HLJ order. =) Thanks muchly! *runs
off to work*

skeizer (the gnome)

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