James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 02:43:19 -0700

>>I got the july Model Graphix.
>>Although the birthplace of Sentinel hasn't devoted much space to gundam
>>since then, this issue contains the best photo spread of the perfect grade
>>gundam and zaku I've seen. The model are superbly done. The Gundam has a
>>great weathering job, and the Zaku sports some fine little details.
>Not to mention nice customization jobs that allow it to strap the machine
>gun and bazooka to the shield...
>>they photograph the models beautifully... man, this is nice. If you get a
>>chance, take a look at the july issue. I think it is really high Gunpla
>It also has a section on UC Science/Technology, although the contents
>showed less than what the cover headline suggested.
>>Now if only Model Graphix would only do more gundam, and print the magazine
>>on better paper (its so thin), I would buy it more than once a year.
>You should get Dengeki Hobby then... Model Grahix tries to stay away from
>Gundam since they don't feel like competing w/ Hobby Japan.

Yeah, I always get Dengeki, its very good. I occasionally pick up Model
Graphix when there is something interesting such as this issue, or that one
earlier this year about the SF3D models, (remember them?) Also whenever
Miyazaki does a comic for Model Graphix I have to pitch in for that as well.

Why is it that Model Graphix stays away from Hobby Japan territory? It's
not owned by HJ is it? Maybe Bandai doesn't like MG and chooses to endorse
Hobby Japan (bad feelings from sentinel?) Anyway Dengeki certainly doesn't
mind butting heads with Hobby Japan. The july issues of HJ and DH both have
GM cannons converted from the MG GM.


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