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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >> >The Dra-C has never been released as an injection kit (hehehe, MG
> treatment,
> >> >anyone?) but I think it has been released as a resin kit during the early
> >> >90s by B-Club.
> >> >Eddie
> >> I thikn it's actually possible to use a zaku body as the
> starting point,
> >> but damn, that's gonna be a helluva conversion.
> >Well, a friend of mine did it and it was a great work, He used pong
> >balls as shoulder pods
> >Bye, Vincenzo
> Damn, that's pretty ingenious...any pics???

I will have to ask. Among other things he built a diorama of the Hygog's
modelling kit front picture (that with a GM down and he converted an
entire RGM79G into a RGM79D to do it), a Zaku FZ with real lighted
sensor (I proposed him to give it some "sound effects system"), an
heavily converted MS 09 RII, a 0080 GM Sniper, a Lili' Marlene with "pop
up" cannon action, a Gwaijin with ejectable front escape unit. Alas he's
not building models in years now. Another friend of mine from Florence
built the Italian police force version of a Patlabor with rolling wheels
in the feet.


Bye, Vincenzo

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