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>OK, let's see... =) If you've done the model, please feel free to point
>out any idiocy on my part, but I'm pretty sure I did alright in assembly.
>Extremely poor upper arm joints. The arms keep falling off.

        Yes, but that happens to be a weakness of V 1/144s and the Gp02a MG, too.
If you want it to get fixed a bit, use some white glue to stiffen up the

>I had to disassemble a hand after I'd put the sticker on it (ruining the
>sticker) so it could grip the longrifle. I still managed to keep some of
>it. Upon looking back it wants the third hand to be used for the
>longrifle, but that looks a bit odd. Hmm.

        Uhm...I have a lot of extra hands, so i got one from the other F90s I
bought...specifically from the spare VSBR version I had, so I could have
gripping hands.

>I've got a red backpack I'm not sure what to do with, as well as some
>extra red parts.

        That's really an extra part. I found that weird too, but it makes a
perfect "mockup" of the normal backpack so I'm painting it for that reason.

>The torso doesn't swivel! *sob*

        Hmmm...that's not such a bad trade-off, all things considered, though
admittedly it would have helped the stance of the Long RIfle version...try
getting the might like it has a corefighter that
attaches to the back much like G GUndam stuff. It has a waist, and it can
accept most F90 modular systems, except for the backpack-mounted stuff.

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