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Fri, 18 Jun 1999 08:43:55 -0700

> Yeah, I thought that Heavygear was influenced by Votoms. Other then it being
> an old anime, is Votoms worth watching? I can't decide if I like the Votoms
> Mecha or not. I like the realistic look, but the green color doesn't appeal
> to me. I like those sleek looking Votoms kits and a regular Votoms in another
> color. I like the Votoms Mecha, as long as its not green in color. Another
> green color would be fine, though.

Armor Trooper VOTOMS is most definitely worth watching. The story is one of the
best that I've ever seen, and it is just about the high point of Sunrise anime
from the early to mid 80s, being their best between Gundam and Zeta Gundam.

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