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Subject: [gundam] Is Turn A Gundam Homoerotic?

Richard wrote:

> Gundam Wing/Endless Waltz sets a powerful precedent for that >with the are they/are they not of Quattre and Trowa, as well as the >antagonistic but charming relationship of Duo/Heero... later on, it's >Duo/Quattre a bit. It's no surprise that they would continue that in >TurnA, if they want to capture ALL possible markets.

But at least, GUNDAM WING didn't portray the male character who desguises as a GIRL... I think the Loran/Lora thing is more like the case of Judau & Ino in GUNDAM ZZ. (In Tigerbaum episodes, they disguised as two beautiful girls to infiltrate the well-guarded house of griddy Stanper Halloy.)

Linwood wrote:

>The Japanese have been doing a complete rewrite of their history books >for the past 10 - 15 years. The biggest revision is their accounting of >World War II. Most of their books paints them as the victims of American >agression and their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor as an unfortunate accident.


>To write the history books such that your government is placed in a good >light is one thing, to rewrite the books such that the worst atrocities >committed by your government are referred to as lies by your enemies or >events that never occured is something else.

True. If you take the federation in U.C. universe on the same position as the Japanese government you can manage to understand how they did erase the event of DELAZ TERMOIL from the history books... no? ;-) (I could say this maybe because I am a Korean myself, well)

Dyar wrote:

>If anything, this is probably just an expression of the "bishonen" >(literally, "beautiful boy") tradition in anime. Bishonen is more than >just pretty boys, it's sexually ambiguous or androgynous characters who >keep both the other characters and the audience guessing, gender-wise. >Examples include Berg Katz in Gatchaman, Yellow Belmont in Mospeada (AKA >Lancer/Yellow Dancer in Robotech) and Ladios Thorpe (AKA Amaterasu) in >Five Star Stories.

...And if you wonder about the true nature of those characters, Berg Katze was the fusion of a twin, a man and a woman. (But the new BK from OVA 'THE GATCHAMAN' seems to be just a plain female mad scientist. hmm) Yellow Belmont was a male soldier who had to act like a female singer to save his life in dominated earth. And Amateras is some kind of mutant (or deity) who has the chromosome of both male and female so that his/her gender is sometimes reluctantly shifting from one place to another. When male, he is called Redios Soppu, and she is called Mell Rinse, from what I gathered from my FSS-addicted friend. (so I could be wrong about this)

...As a side note, I would recommend to see Dead End from TEKKAMAN BLADE II OVA series as the definite femme boy case. Hiro Yuki(the voice of Mickell Ninorich from 08th MS TEAM!) did his androgynous, sexy voice. The funny thing is, the voice actor who did his partner (not as a lover, but more than a friend) David Krugell was... Ryotaro Okiayu(Treize Kushurinada!). Interestingly, TEKKAMAN BLADE TV series featured a sissy (but not exactly homosexual) character named Rebin as a member of Space Knights. And, he was voiced by... none other than Sigeru Nakahara(Trowa Barton!).

>On the one hand, bishonen seems to be a carryover of the "onnagata" >(female impersonator) school of Japanese theater.

Exactly. The opposite concept of "onnaotoko" in Takarazuka theaters. (see Shojo Kakumei Utena :)

Subject: [gundam] alright all you perverts...

Aaron wrote:

>That women that gets drunk and has that pet, penguin, from Neon Genesis >Evangelion is awful cute. So are some of the Gundam girls I have seen. >Oh no, now we are comparing girls and guys from anime and Gundam :)

For your information, her name is Misato Katsuragi and was voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi(Usagi Tsugino from SAILOR MOON!). Sorry to be a bit slight off-topic here.

Mollie wrote:

>WOOOO HOOO! I, personally, like them in this order: >Wufei >Heero >Duo >Trowa >Quatre... they're all wonderful... it's just that this is my particular >preference... I don't know why I like Woofers, so don't ask... please....

Interesting. From what I've seen so far Wufei seems to be the least popular among the five boys. But I won't ask why you if you mind...

skeizer wrote:

>Funnily enough, the first Gundam Wing poster I saw had Quatre on it. I >thought he was a she.

And among the five, only he was voiced by female voice actor. (Ai Orikasa, Al's mother from 0080, and Faula Griffon from VG) So sometimes I can't help gussing if he was actually the 30th daughter of Winner Family who was raised as a boy for succeeding to her father, just like Oscar in THE ROSE OF VERSAILLES... <wink>

Richard wrote:

> That's where the genius of GW/EW merchandising comes in...Quattre >is able to snag both the young teenage female audience AND the yaoi >audience, ith side markets to the bishonen and the hentai.

The funny thing is, the original target audience of GW's TV series was all kinds of little BOYS from elementary to middle school, according to GW material book published by MOVIC. A friend of mine who was interested in Yaoi genre guessed that it could start as a pure mecha show for boys, but changed the target from the middle of the series when the powers that be realized the hidden power of Doujinshi-related female fandom. I, however, doubt it because they selected the staffs who worked for YOROIDEN SAMURAI TROOPERS (another legendary bishonen-oriented saga, aka RONIN WARRIORS in U.S.) from the first place. Some anime fans in Japan predicted that it would become TROOPER GUNDAM even before it was broadcasted!

> Nothing like Bandai to push something for all it's worth.

100% agreed.

Y. Choe wrote:

>Amen brother. You gotta wonder though. What if Bandai had pushed more >Bishonen/Yaoi Aspects of Gundam heavier in the original series and her >sequels, what would've happened?

Answer: the longest Doujinshi series ever!

>Gundam and CCA: Char vs. Amuro (on the level of Zecharia vs. Heero)

One day I told about it to a net friend of mine who is very much fond of Amuro, and she didn't like the idea. :-)

>Zeta: Anyone fits this bill? Paptimus vs. Camille?

One vote for Char vs. Camille.

>ZZ: ?!?

How about Judau vs. Glemmy. :-)

>G Gundam: This could've easily gone into G Gundam Sailor Five,

No, check the relationship of Master Asia vs. Domon or Chibodee vs. George. <bad joke>

>I wonder the chara design on Turn A was heavily influenced by the >success of W Gundam?

It could be. Its original design for characters were done by Akira Yasuda, but the clean-up process was done by Yoshihito Hishinuma, the animation director of ENDLESS WALTZ!

Snapdragon wrote:

>>aah! finally!! someone who understands my pain!! ::::pulls out some >>pocky::: here ya go, Snapdragon-kun.... :::smiles;:: > >*grabs the pocky* Arigatou! *grin* But I'm a girl. >:p You don't really >use -kun for girls.

Yes you do, only if you are in military chain-of-command. (see Misa Hayase, often called "Hayase-kun" in original MACROSS) So don't worry!

Richard wrote:

>Emiko does have a valid point there too...GundamWIng is still part of >gundam, as much as some people are pained here to admit, and GX, and >GG...but all those are gundam, and subjects they touch on might be >useful...

Basically, they are all variations originated from the F91. Look at the unchanged basic plot around some royal (or psychic) princess and her faithful knight at rescue. F91 itself might be commercially doomed, but Tomino's effort to break a mold and create something fresh was not the waste of time after all... I think that, even Turn-A itself doesn't make a good money for now, it sure will provide the new standard for the future GUNDAM creators in 21th century, just like Zeta and F91 did in the past.

(of course the real fate of Turn-A is still unknown, so we just have to wait and see.)

Subject: [gundam] Go!  Megami Gundams Five!

Y. Choe wrote:

>Angelean from Virtual On Oratio Tangram -- Belldandy Gundamified,

Aina Saharin would make a good pilot, as her voice was provided by the one did Belldandy. (Kikuko Inoue :) Personally, I thought that the Angellan looks more like Skuld, but that's not important thing.

>And Elemeth!?! Who could be behind all this horror, no could it be? > >It's... > >- LARA SUN! -

Keiko Han(voice of Lalah) did the Queen Beryll in original SAILOR MOON.


>Tuxedo Char and Tuxedo Zechs, two twins separated at birth,

Toru Furuya(voice of Amuro) did the Tuxedo Kamen / Mamoru Chiba in entire SAILOR MOON series. ;->

>More lesson of life from Gundam: >- IF a boy says "I will kill you!" he means more on the level of "I will >fall in love with you and won't be able to kill you, so I'll keep a vigil >over you, like a certain comic character..."

...and IF a girl says "Hurry! Come and kill me!" she means more on the level of "I fell in love with you already and won't be able to leave you alone, forever..." <wink wink>

Take care, everybody!

-Sunwook "In love with Utena recently" Kim

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