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>> >The Dra-C has never been released as an injection kit (hehehe, MG
>> >anyone?) but I think it has been released as a resin kit during the early
>> >90s by B-Club.
>> >Eddie
>> I thikn it's actually possible to use a zaku body as the
starting point,
>> but damn, that's gonna be a helluva conversion.
>Well, a friend of mine did it and it was a great work, He used pong
>balls as shoulder pods
>Bye, Vincenzo

        Damn, that's pretty ingenious...any pics???
        Btw, am a bit unsure about this, but were there ever Zakus which were
extreme-ified a la Sentinels stuff? you know, fuel tanks, BFG, ammo
galore...with really spectacular armor and all that.

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