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James Boren wrote :
> Have you seen the july Dengeki Hobby? It has an incredible assortment of
> Gundam goodies. There are many beautiful illustrations and models, (it's
> sentinel-like)
> There is the nuclear equipped zaku from the beginning of the OYW, sporting
> a huge bazooka, ala GP02

Actually, Gato does pilot it in Giren's greed!

Wow! All of this sounds truly excellent! I guess I'll have to get this

Speaking of which, I just got (an hour ago) Hobby Japan's mook Gundam
Weapons for Super Gundam/Gundam mk. II. I love it! It features all my
favorite designs and there are some very interesting variations,
including an RX-178Q: Gundam mk.II Quattro Bajeena use!
There's also Tempest, a fourth gundam mk.II made by Titans but a real
asskicker! It features boosters you wouldn't even dream of, nice lines
and that awesome Titans color scheme.
Of course, it's pictured with its pal: GM Quell! They did a 1/100 GM
Quell using 1/100 B Club RGM-79N (IIRC it's that GM Custom kai guy), it
has great looks and the best looking shield I've seen in a long time!
I also got July's NT and it shows a few pics of Mamoru Nagano's next
work: Schell Bullet. There are also pics of a new, nice looking MS in
Turn A called Igel (with an ideonesque color scheme and a tail).
> and some more gundam stuff. A really superb issue! I hope they keep doing
> this as a series.

Guess I'll have to subscribe again then! :)
> P.S. It also has 30! pages of Aura Battler Dunbine models as well.

I guess they were reissued (I should receive a dozen of these guys
soon), too bad they didn't issue a model for the Second Bilvine
(although the only difference is the color scheme) or for my all time
favorite Sirbine.

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