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>Yeah, I thought that Heavygear was influenced by Votoms. Other then it
>an old anime, is Votoms worth watching? I can't decide if I like the
>Mecha or not. I like the realistic look, but the green color doesn't
>to me. I like those sleek looking Votoms kits and a regular Votoms in
>color. I like the Votoms Mecha, as long as its not green in color.
>green color would be fine, though.

Sleek and Votoms does not mix. Votoms's action is what 08th MS Team
should be. A down to earth gritty war story, that none the less becomes
a full scale space opera. The animation is even more dated than the
original Gundam, but that is also kind of beside the point. Unlike
Gundam, better equipment does not win you the war. And since they have
been going at it for a while, there is a kind of parity that existed for
most warfare technology. Don't be turn off by the color, Votoms is
really good.

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