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> That's because Heavygear's design is heavily influenced by AT Votoms, a
> gritty journey of one man thru hell and back on a universe that seemed to be
> stuck in perpetual war. Whether makers of Heavygears ever bother to
> acknowledge this influence (I don't want to use the negative word steal) or
> not I don't know.

Yeah, I thought that Heavygear was influenced by Votoms. Other then it being
an old anime, is Votoms worth watching? I can't decide if I like the Votoms
Mecha or not. I like the realistic look, but the green color doesn't appeal
to me. I like those sleek looking Votoms kits and a regular Votoms in another
color. I like the Votoms Mecha, as long as its not green in color. Another
green color would be fine, though.


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