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>> Mobile flat:
>> 2) it looks like a nasty roach.
>Do you mean a nasty flying roach? (for the Westerners, we have giant
>flying roaches in South East Asia, which scare the hell out of many
>children and adults alike).

        Once you assemble the head, all you'll need is antennae and you got a
roach like head...the inherent "flatness" of the body further encourages
the idea, hehehehh...

>Seriously, reading the kanji, it seems the transformed Flat is a "drop
>mode", so the Flat can NOT sustain self-powered flight? Also I read the
>words "irreversible", so the transformation is a one-shot one-way deal?
>I saw a nice picture in Hobby Japan showing an anime frame in which a
>skeletion-like ship drops 8 Flats from orbit. (did anyone see a picture
>like this on the net? I won't mind getting it)

        Hmmmm...haven't seen that. dunno if it is non-reversible or anything like
that, it just looks weird....

>Also what's this arm and leg heat edge weapon? Do those underarm and
>back-of-leg white things extent out as heat weapons? Any Turn-A fans to
>answer this?
>CHIN, Chien Ting

sorry, that I don't know anything about.

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