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> I can't imagine most battlemechs being much more agile than let's say....
> AT-ATs or AT-STs from Star Wars. Admittedely, a few very humanoid designs
> such as the Atlas or Hatamoto do look like they could move in a more human
> like fashion.FASA has something new for the Clans called 'Protomechs',
> something in between the size range of Elementals and the big mechs that
> combines the former's agility with the latter's firepower. Most even carry
> rifle type weapon. Still, a lot of them look pretty lame though... But in
> light of this, I'd say that FASA's view on their full-size battlemechs is
> that they indeed are more akin to 'walking tanks' than 'giant infantry'
> while these protomechs are the more agile, anime-mechaesque machines.

Heavy Gear's gears are very agile and fast, they even have wheels on their
feet/heels, that allow them to move faster. I am patentily(trying my best to
be) waiting for the first Heavy Gear novel to be released. I know its OT, but
does anyone know where I can find info of the HG novels at? DP9's site, has
really no info. on these novels, last time I checked.


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