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I don't worry about all that stuff. I just use regular rubbing alcohol and
it works just great as a thinner and brush cleaner, a hint for all you
newbie model builders. And it works great as a thinner for airbrushing.

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Subject: [gundam] model paint question, is there a chemist in the house?

I am switching paint brand to Gunze Sanyo. They kindly listed ingredient
by percentage on the bottle. I wonder if that means I can mix my own
thiner by the liters for pennies. Now it says acrylic regin XX%, pigment
YY%, alchole ZZ%, water WW%, gycole GG%. I am guessing "regin" mean
"resin", "alchole" means ethanol, "gycole" is glycol. Is that translation
correct? ("gycole" is not glycerol right?)

So to mix my own thiner, I just use water, ethanol and glycol in the
proper proportion? I assume the acrylic resin is part of the non-volatile

FYI, I am preparing the paint for airbrush.

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