Stuart Ng (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 10:47:50 -0700

Hahaha, thanks. :D I didn't want to say anything bad since there are
girls on this list as well....and to avoid the swift hand of death from any
of them, I was politically and technically trying to be correct. :)

Hey Parasite Eve is a good game. Although a bit short...I can probably
guess what other games she likes; Lunar, Final Fantasy series, etc
etc...Some of those games are good, but are getting really repetative and depth at all...just keep pressing the buttons to skip to the
next dialogue...and choose the most powerful attack in battle...kinda big
yawn. I prefer a bit more hardened action/RPG like the upcoming Diablo 2.
Hehe...can anybody say hack and slash???

>Oh, you mean bitches^^ No offense taken, we can hate 'em more than you.
>*muahah!* I have a friend though, that loves playing video games. I'll ask
>her why. o.O Mainly RPG's, though, like parasite eve.

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