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Oh, you mean bitches^^ No offense taken, we can hate 'em more than you.
*muahah!* I have a friend though, that loves playing video games. I'll ask
her why. o.O Mainly RPG's, though, like parasite eve.


>Hhehe, sniff sniff...I know a group of girls that are intensely into this
>kinda stuff...but are way low on the personality level. No offense to any
>other female out there, but man are they major "pregnant female dogs". :)
>They are what some people call "sluts". haha
>>> I know what you mean. The girls I've talked to think Video Games are
>hard to
>>> play. Then I say it takes pratice to get good at them, then they don't
>>> like they want to take the time to learn how to play one. This makes no
>>> sense, to me. But, there was this girl and her friend, another girl,
>>> love playing video games and watching anime.
>>thank goodness my fiance like both. She's always wanted to play video
>games and
>>watch anime *sigh*. She absolutely love RTS games. Hell, my mates all
>think I
>>should buy her a 10BaseT hub or a playstation for her birthday.
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