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Thu, 17 Jun 1999 09:50:36 -0700

Hhehe, sniff sniff...I know a group of girls that are intensely into this
kinda stuff...but are way low on the personality level. No offense to any
other female out there, but man are they major "pregnant female dogs". :)
They are what some people call "sluts". haha

>> I know what you mean. The girls I've talked to think Video Games are
hard to
>> play. Then I say it takes pratice to get good at them, then they don't seem
>> like they want to take the time to learn how to play one. This makes no
>> sense, to me. But, there was this girl and her friend, another girl, that
>> love playing video games and watching anime.
>thank goodness my fiance like both. She's always wanted to play video
games and
>watch anime *sigh*. She absolutely love RTS games. Hell, my mates all
think I
>should buy her a 10BaseT hub or a playstation for her birthday.

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