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>James L. Ravelo II wrote:
>> >>While we're discussing some BattleTech, I'd just like to state some of
>> >>my thoughts:
>> >>1.  Some Clan mechs actually loke like something out of a Gundam series,
>I think it's because they look more purely functional, whereas a lot of IS
>designs try to combine functionality and style despite more often than not
>failing in the latter department... 

        Actually a lot of battletech - the old stuff anyway,is from anime...they
changed all that of course, but there is still that grain of it...I still
think, though, that a lot of their mechs could have been better off as tanks.

>> >>3.  While they don't look like it, in the novels, some battlemechs are
>> >>real agile like the mecha in Gundam...
>I can't imagine most battlemechs being much more agile than let's say....
>AT-ATs or AT-STs from Star Wars. Admittedely, a few very humanoid designs
>such as the Atlas or Hatamoto do look like they could move in a more human
>like fashion.FASA has something new for the Clans called 'Protomechs',
>something in between the size range of Elementals and the big mechs that
>combines the former's agility with the latter's firepower. Most even carry a
>rifle type weapon. Still, a lot of them look pretty lame though... But in
>light of this, I'd say that FASA's view on their full-size battlemechs is
>that they indeed are more akin to 'walking tanks' than 'giant infantry'
>while these protomechs are the more agile, anime-mechaesque machines.

        Hmmmm...I've heard of those...of course, gundams are damn near human in
movement in this regard.

>> 4.  I love the hand-to-hand (really unarmed, except for the use of their
>> arms...LOL) combat in BattleTech...if I could only see it more often in
>> Gundam, not just zapping some enemy mecha a few kilometers away or
>> blowing them away with whatever powerful particle cannon
>Who cares about unarmed mecha fistfights when you've got mecha beam sabre

        Personally, I like what the Dom did to Kou's poor friend...heatblade
through the abdomen! SLASH!

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